Speeding Big Ideas from Concept to Market

You have a vision. Of a product, a technology, a service or system.

You have a goal. To shatter paradigms, drive market share, even change the world.

But ultimate success requires immediate consensus. From leadership, developers, communicators and customers.

VisionCapture™  is a proven process to help your team reach agreement on the future—and get there faster.  Delivering the power of a shared vision. Reducing costs, speeding change.

The Process


VisionCapture helps your team collaborate creatively and engage effectively. We conduct a series of workshops to produce a powerful narrative aligned with mission goals.

  • Strategic Analysis
  • Focused Ideation
  • Vision Refinement


The Result:

VisionCapture™ speeds development. Identifying internal conflicts, forcing consensus, clarifying and amplifying your message.


Initial concept becomes a tangible reality. We produce a motion media scenario showcasing your vision in action. Long before its implemented, your audiences see how and why your vision will impact the “real world.”

  • Narrative and Visual Design
  • Content Production
  • Execution of Deliverables


The Result:

VisionCapture™ is the ideal way to “war game” your ideas before major dollars are committed, eliciting critical feedback from key stakeholders. Immediate visualization for ultimate rapid prototyping.


We employ integrated digital distribution platforms to position and present your vision to select internal and external audiences. Viewer reactions are assimilated and analyzed for future vision refinement.

  • Content Enhancement
  • Digital, Web, Mobile Design
  • Analytics and Measurement


The Result:

VisionCapture™ makes a compelling case for implementation of your vision, while encouraging mission-critical feedback to refine your roadmap to success.

How Far Is The Future?

Successful products, systems and technologies have “debuted” via VisionCapture. Customers include leading brands, government agencies, and the nation’s intelligence gathering community.


3D Holographic Maps


3G Mobile Technology


Siri Speaks


TV Goes Everywhere


“VisionCapture™ brought our program profound and universal value. I had 4 very different audiences:

  • The many project participants, who must reach a shared vision point on the horizon;
  • Multiple levels of management, from the Agency to the White House;
  • Funders, including Congress, who need to grasp the idea quickly and feel confident about their investment;
  • The ultimate consumers of the technology–the operators–to gain mind-share and advocacy during sponsorship challenges, competition for dollars, development, and ultimately for an effective technology transition.

I want to express my enthusiasm for the full spectrum of value your process and product brought to me. VisionCapture™ delivered tangible results that far exceeded my expectations.”

-Former Program Manager, Information Assurance
(DARPA) Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency