Some products improve lives. This one saves them.

CounterBomber® is the first-ever system capable of automatically detecting suicide bombers at safe distances – and we’ve provided a suite of communications and training tools to provide vital information to partners, influencers, potential buyers, and operators.

How it Works:

The SET CounterBomber system employs video cameras to automatically track subjects, and a low-power radar to interrogate them when cued by video. After automatically assessing the threat in real time, CounterBomber wirelessly transmits pictures or live video of the threat to a remote handheld device.

Loma’s mission began with the production of a video overview that introduced both the technology and the client’s core capabilities. As SET successfully fielded the technology in war zone operational use, our role expanded to include compelling product demonstration media for delivery platforms, ranging from trade shows to online outreach.

As CounterBomber became well established and precisely positioned, our focus expanded to include computer-based e-learning and video training for field service representatives and operators.

Today, we continue to customize an integrated portfolio of demonstration and training tools for military and national security professionals worldwide.