"Get on Top of IT and Thrive"

Says DXC – the independent leader in global IT services. Like fixing the Hubble telescope. Ensuring Swiss trains run on time. And making digital transformation a reality for the world’s biggest brands.

Definitely on top. Who knew?

That's our challenge.

Employing our global network of proven production resources, we work with DXC and its world-class partners on a daily basis. Our mission includes sales support for multi-billion dollars proposals, new product offerings, client testimonials, strategic partner communications, employee education, live event media and pretty much every outreach opportunity a Fortune 200 leader could (and should) consider.

The journey from “What?” to “Wow!” isn’t a long one. The trick is traveling from “complex” to “compelling” clearly and concisely.

Three words. Times 57 trillion.

DXC is all about innovation. In this video, the Idea Lab ‘Down Under’ goes up and over with a voice-activated drone that can find it’s way to any 3m x 3m spot on the planet.




In the past year alone, we’ve produced more than 90 projects across 5 continents targeted to every major industry. Uniquely crafted stories, with a common focus on our client’s core message:

DXC gives clients the solutions and confidence they need to harness constant, rapid change.

At Loma, we can relate.