Approach, Appeal, Applause

On the road, at sea and onstage, three world-class non-profit organizations recently called on Loma Media to extend and enhance core educational programs.

La Jolla Playhouse, winner of the Tony® Award as America’s Outstanding Regional Theatre, conducts an acclaimed Performance Outreach Program which takes the “show on the road” to elementary schools throughout San Diego County. Loma’s ‘day-in-the-life’ creative approach took a reality-based, inspirational look at the performers, their audiences, and behind-the-scenes prep…all leading up to a meaningful, massive outreach to children on-site at their schools. Wildly popular with students, teachers, and administrators alike, The POP Tour delivers the arts right to children in their own world.

USS Midway Museum, the world’s largest museum devotedto carriers and naval aviation, brings thousands of students onboard for math and science education in an awe-inspiring setting. State of California standards-based lessons about electricity, thermal energy, weather, measurements, geometry–even Newton’s Laws of Motion—suddenly seem very real aboard an aircraft carrier. With the guidance of onboard teachers, lessons learned aboard USS Midway are memorable and effective in a “real world” environment that also teaches students what it’s like to live and work aboard ship.

The internationally-acclaimed, Tony® Award-winning Old Globe enlisted star power to underscore the importance of their educational programs in “The Future of Theater: Children in the Arts.” Marion Ross, Robert Foxworthy and Miles Anderson joined educators, children and performers participating in the Globe’s many programs to deliver heartfelt, inspirational reflections on the value of theater and the arts to young people in the community. A wide spectrum of innovative programs was featured, showcasing a breadth and depth of opportunities for students of all ages and backgrounds.

Each of these organizations’ educational programs is powerful and appealing, as evidenced by their continuing popularity. Nonetheless, while well-established in the community, all depend on the generosity of committed individuals and institutions to help sustain and grow their success. The Old Globe Education Outreach:

La Jolla Playhouse POP Tour: