Best Super Bowl Commercials by a Real Expert

By Erin Satterburg, Vice President of Client Engagement

This year’s Super Bowl was a little different. No big parties, limited spectators, and not to mention Tom Brady in a Buccaneers uniform. Nonetheless, it's still the Super Bowl and more than 148 million of us tuned in.

Given my occupation, I enjoy watching the commercials as much as I love watching the game, so I wanted to share a few of my favorites in case you missed them. But then I thought… Let’s ask a real expert--someone who is the actual target demo for the 'lifetime customer' coveted by every brand. And so, meet my 9 year-old son, Brayden.

Here are his top picks and why:

Rocket Mortgage - This was super funny because all the bad things made them the right thing. Hilarious!

Mountain Dew - How can you not like this ad? You have the chance to win a MILLION Dollars!

T-Mobile - I laughed so hard because Travis Kelce kept knocking everyone down. 'Course, I love any ad about football!

Doritos 3D - He was super skinny, so he fit in a vending machine, grabbed some 3D Doritos, ate them and then became big again and got stuck in the vending machine. I'd love to get stuck in a vending machine!

Pizza Hut - Mom says Pizza Hut did a great job using their tagline in this ad with "No One Out Pizzas The Hut.” I just liked the spot.

Indeed - This ad reminded me of how there are people out there that need help, and I want to be someone that can help when I get older.

In case you want to watch a few more, here are favorites from the rest of the Loma Team:

State Farm – For our staff Packers fans, it was nice to see Aaron Rodgers although it would have been better to see him on the field. This commercial was star-studded featuring Paul Rudd, Patrick Mahomes and Drake alongside Rodgers.

Cheetos – You can’t go wrong with a commercial that includes Shaggy and the ending, is great.

Alexa – This one is for the ladies thanks to Michael B. Jordan.

Oatley – It’s great when a CEO can poke fun at himself and Oatley’s did just that with a hilarious, off key song. Wow. Wow. No Cow.

GM – Featuring Will Ferrell, Kenan Thompson and Awkwafina with Ferrell starring as someone who hates Norway because it sells more electric vehicles per capita than the US.

M&Ms – This commercial starring Dan Levy, shows how you can use candy to apologize whether that be for kicking someone’s airplane seat, mansplaining, calling someone a “Karen” and even holding an explosive gender reveal party.


Erin Satterburg is Loma's Vice President of Client Engagement. She has a deep background in marketing strategy, brand development and project management bringing best practices and extensive experience to every Loma engagement.  Erin leads our global strategic media partnership with DXC Technology, the world’s leading end-to-end independent IT solutions provider. Working across every major vertical, she has supervised the production of more than 200 DXC video programs, virtual events and social media initiatives. Erin also serves as account director for Loma’s ongoing work on behalf of the National Science Foundation’s innovative Convergence Accelerator, which includes creative services and production of media and virtual events for public awareness, investor engagement and support to more than 50 institutional program partners.  Currently, she is serving as project lead for a WWI Memorial virtual event in April. Connect with her on LinkedIn