Innovation drives domination.

It’s one thing to put the golf clubs in the car. It’s a whole other thing to put the car into the golf clubs.

But that’s what Callaway and Lamborghini did with the introduction of Forged Composite, a co-developed material that took “lighter and stronger” to a whole new level.

We were tasked to rev up the rollout.

Having recently produced Callaway’s national broadcast and digital campaign for the world’s only GPS golf device with actual aerial imagery, we had a pretty good idea about the company’s innovative spirit.

So we drove right in, producing design-driven broadcast and online content that emphasized the “emotional contours” of a revolutionary approach.

The  Paris Motor Show was abuzz when Forged Composite made its video debut. For drivers of both sports cars and golf balls, the immediate reaction was “wow!”

Which leads one to wonder: What if these guys collaborated on a golf cart?  Whoa.