CALLAWAY: Super Clubs meet Super Cars

It’s one thing to put the golf clubs in the car. It’s a whole other thing to put the car into the golf clubs. When Callaway and Lamborghini decided to do exactly that, they called on us to drive the message.

What We've Done

  • Brand & Identity Development
  • Broadcast
  • CGI Animation
  • Communication Plan
  • Cross-Platform Campaign
  • Event/Experiential
  • Multilingual Content
  • Social Media Communications
  • Video  

Forged Composite, an encompassing technology co-developed by the industry leaders, took “lighter and stronger” to a whole new level. That’s a big deal on both the fairway and the raceway. We were tasked to rev up the rollout of a revolutionary product line.

Having recently produced Callaway’s national broadcast and digital campaign for the world’s first GPS golf device with aerial imagery, we had a pretty good idea about the company’s innovative spirit. So we drove right in, producing design-driven broadcast and online content that emphasized the “emotional contours” of a revolutionary approach.


Start your engines.

The campaign debuted at the Paris Motor Show, the world’s most visited automotive showcase. A Loma-produced video unveiled the concept in concert with Lamborghini’s reveal of its new concept car. Complementary video and digital content focused on the new “FC” Callaway drivers.

Our challenge was to create a vision that would align with two distinct brands and cultures while reinforcing the unique value each brought to the effort. Our experience producing partner-focused content for many Fortune 500s was integral in navigating the process and meeting the mission.


  • Launched a co-branded global product line
  • Generated outstanding media buzz
  • Integrated event, digital and broadcast media
  • Produced multilingual tactics
  • Built a content archive for extended use

Innovation drives domination.

For drivers of both sports cars and golf balls, the immediate reaction was “wow!” Which leads one to wonder: What if these guys collaborated on a golf cart?  Whoa.


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