25,000 children are injured every year in school zone accidents—and even more adults. The City of Austin, in association with the US Department of Transportation, called on Loma for a public awareness and behavior change campaign to improve regional safety. 

We focused on three primary audiences: the students, their parents, and drivers in school areas. The student message was iWalk/iBike, which empowered kids through the perceived freedom that comes from walking and biking. For the parents, our research and focus testing showed that data wouldn’t compel them to walk or bike with their children; the message that hit home was “Take Time”—because time together is fleeting, and we must cherish it. For drivers, careful billboard placement and drive-time radio created critical safety awareness.


Successful outreach was achieved through a strategic combination of print, outdoor and electronic media; free media and partner relationships with media outlets; in-school programs, community events and incentives.