City of Austin

School Safety: The Right (of) Way

25,000 children are injured every year in school zone accidents—and even more adults. Our innovative behavior change campaign for the City of Austin improved regional safety and was called a “trendsetter” by the US Department of Transportation.

What We've Done

  • Analytics
  • Brand & Identity Development
  • Communication Plan
  • Cross-Platform Campaign
  • Events/Experiential
  • Graphic Design
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Multilingual Content
  • Video
  • Website Design/Integration
  • Workshops
  • Written Communications

Our bilingual campaign targeted three very different audiences: young students, their parents and local drivers in school areas.

The student message was iWalk/iBike, which resonated with youngsters because they highly value freedom of movement. Our research and focus testing revealed a crucial finding: statistics wouldn’t compel parents to walk or bike with their kids. The emotional message that hit home was “Take Time”, an appeal to cherish fleeting time with their children before it is gone.



  • Produced integrated CONOPS visualizations
  • Created scalable communications models
  • Engaged with 30+ supporting organizations
  • Grown mission awareness and documented results
  • Advanced breakthrough AI applications

Widespread impressions delivering pro-active engagement.

Effective outreach was achieved through a strategic combination of print, outdoor and electronic media; free media and partner relationships with demographically focused media outlets; in-school programs, community events and incentives.

The strategy worked. Follow-up surveys indicated that 75% of parents were aware of the campaign and over 85% of those said they would pro-actively support it. This response far surpassed goals for a campaign targeted to many urban, low income schools.

Awareness drives results.

58% of parents reported that their child walked or biked to school for the first time or more often, exceeding target goals. The campaign has been honored with the Communicator Award of Excellence.


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