DARPA: Vision to Reality

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, inventor of the Internet, stealth technology and UAVs, is a force for innovation.
We’ve helped take “what if” technologies from initial vision to world changing reality.

What We've Done

  • Brand & Identity Development
  • CGI Animation
  • Communication Plans
  • Consulting
  • Events/Experiential
  • Graphic Design
  • Product Development
  • Social Media Communications
  • Video
  • Website Design/Integration
  • Workshops
  • Written Communications

Vision demands consensus. One path, one goal.

Our ability to understand, arbitrate and integrate ideas from dozens of Program participants has been key in speeding the development of critical solutions, services and strategies. Supporting DARPA’s Strategic Technology and Information Innovation offices, we’ve communicated “mission vision” to technologists, customers and stakeholders from Silicon Valley to the White House.

Projects have included the first practical application of machine learning, a national vision for cyber security and futuristic littoral force military planning. Engaging directly with senior leadership, we’ve created scenario-based visualizations that focus resources and speed implementation.

What’s It Worth?

“If you invent a breakthrough in artificial intelligence, so machines can learn… that is worth TEN Microsofts.”

--Bill Gates (2004)



The “Personalized Assistant that Learns,” was envisioned as the first practical application of AI machine learning. Our mission: portray the Vision, illustrate the Tools, track the Progress, and demonstrate the Performance. Incorporating expertise from 25 top university and commercial research institutions, we developed a communications program that framed the vision and documented success throughout a 5-year project path. Successfully fielded by the U.S. Army, PAL continues to save time – and lives – today.


  • Produced integrated CONOPS visualizations
  • Created scalable communications models
  • Engaged with 30+ supporting organizations
  • Grown mission awareness and documented results
  • Advanced breakthrough AI applications

What’s effective communication worth?
Ask Siri.

SRI International’s CALO technology at the heart of PAL was acquired by Apple for commercial application, where (through the nifty juxtaposition of a single letter) it became known as “Siri.” Who soon began telling her own story.


Siri debuts




Million users

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