What's It Worth?

In 2004, Bill Gates said:  “If you invent a breakthrough in artificial intelligence, so machines can learn…that is worth TEN Microsofts.”

Enter DARPA.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, inventor of the Internet, stealth technology, UAVs, and other visionary breakthroughs, would now bring funding and support for PAL – the “Personalized Assistant that Learns.” From the bright minds at think-tank SRI International, it would be the first practical application of machine learning…better known as Artificial Intelligence.

From SRI’s R&D to Apple’s Siri, Loma was there to communicate. 

Our mission: portray the Vision, illustrate the Tools, track the Progress, and demonstrate the Performance.  Employing our VisionCapture™ process, we designed, developed, and distributed digital content including video, animation, and graphics to help guide PAL from initial concept to ultimate reality.

The result? PAL was successfully fielded by the U.S. Army and is saving time – and lives – today. SRI International’s AI technology at the heart of PAL was acquired by Apple for commercial application, where (through the nifty juxtaposition of a single letter) it became known as “Siri.” Who soon began telling her own story.

What’s it worth? Ask Siri.