Jump Starting the Journey from Unknown to Ultimate.

Back in the day, before it was the ultimate video entertainment experience, DirecTV was the new entertainment experience.

With lots of competition. (Hello, cable.)

Different is good.

DirecTV looked different…felt different…was different.  And different was good.

And the big difference…was sports programming.  Touting itself as home for the ‘ultimate’ sports fan (despite being only the fifth-largest TV signal provider) DirecTV was swinging for the fences. The goal: leverage powerful sports relationships to acquire new customers and sell more sports programming to current customers. Enter our team.

‘DirecTV Sports This Week’ became (and remains) the longest running originated program in DirecTV history. Over its 7-year run, sports subscribers more than tripled—with an industry-best 94% increase in upgrade sales between 2001 and 2005.

We were tasked to develop and execute a plan designed to “own” the sports experience. Our strategy included a unique “infotainment” broadcast series, multiple cross-channel on-air advertising campaigns, and a dedicated DirecTV sports website, all supported by an integrated series of live events. We scored. Early and often.

Because "Ultimate" means never having to say you're stopping.

We approached DirecTV with the idea of creating a targeted website that would elevate the sports viewing experience by pushing information to a rapidly growing database. Our vision in loading the site with interactive features and benefits (that are now industry-standard) enhanced and extended our on-air tactics. DirecTVSports.com would serve as a template for the new DirecTV.com site, and eventually be absorbed into an expanded online presence.

In addition to reinforcing valuable partnerships with the NFL and other leagues, the integrated tactics generated a host of valuable relationship marketing opportunities for major brands like Dell, Marriott, Dave & Buster’s, ESPN, HBO, the Golf Channel, Michelin, Campbell’s, Coca Cola and Nissan.




The final step came in taking the product from the digital world to the Real World…live and in-person.  Our experience in creating and staging multimedia “happenings” for many Fortune 150 companies was the foundation for fan activation events at the Super Bowl’s NFL Experience and the Consumer Electronics Show. Super Bowl legends Terry Bradshaw, Marcus Allen, Joe Montana and Dan Marino all gave rave reviews to their own DirecTV viewing experience. (With absolutely no mention of compression rates or set top boxes. Yes.)