"Get on Top of IT and Thrive"

Says DXC – the independent leader in global IT services. Like fixing the Hubble telescope. Ensuring Swiss trains run on time. And making digital transformation a reality for the world’s biggest brands.

Definitely on top. Who knew?

That's our challenge.

Employing our global network of proven production resources, we work with DXC and its world-class partners on a daily basis. Our mission includes sales support for multi-billion dollars proposals, new product offerings, client testimonials, strategic partner communications, employee education, live event media and pretty much every outreach opportunity a Fortune 200 leader could (and should) consider.

The journey from “What?” to “Wow!” isn’t a long one. The trick is traveling from “complex” to “compelling” clearly and concisely.

Smarter. Smoother. Safer.

Got innovation? Scandinavia’s largest airline has added a new digital dimension to a world-class flying experience, a journey driven by DXC.




In the past year alone, we’ve produced more than 90 projects across 5 continents targeted to every major industry. Uniquely crafted stories, with a common focus on our client’s core message:

DXC gives clients the solutions and confidence they need to harness constant, rapid change.

At Loma, we can relate.