Americans use more than 400 billion gallons of fresh water every year. The EPA called upon Loma to help protect it.


Rising demand, finite supply. As infrastructure ages and extreme weather events escalate, drinking water and wastewater utilities must assess risk and identify ways to best prepare for an adverse event–before it happens. 

The EPA’s Water Security Division tasked us to design, develop and implement a series of digital training and assessment tactics that would generate awareness and instill best practices across the industry.

We first created an online video campaign to encourage immediate download and wide-scale adoption of WHEAT, an innovative Water Health & Economic Analysis Tool.

Phase II was the introduction of CREAT, an integrated risk assessment application that helps utilities better understand current and long-term weather conditions to address potential climate change threats.

160,000 public water systems across the nation can now access timely, targeted information designed to ensure water safety and reliability.