Federal Reserve:
Transforming Government Transactions

Based on a technology embraced by millions of Americans, we’re helping agencies employ a new suite of mobile solutions to transact public business quickly and securely.

What We've Done

  • Animation
  • Brand & Identity Development
  • Communication Plan
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Communications
  • Video

When the Cleveland Fed began operation in 1914, “mobile” meant a Model T.

Today, mobile means money—nearly half of all e-commerce sales take place on a device. FedRevCollect provides government agencies with a great way to accept and remit card transactions and personal checks, right at the point-of-collection.

Working with the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, we’ve created an informative, easy to understand video series that supports and speeds customer transactions.


Making mobile capture easy. And universal.

As the central bank of the United States, the Federal Reserve supports the effective operation of the entire US economy. That begins with best practices, enacted daily. Our experience supporting industry leaders in mobile financial services combined with our work on behalf of many federal agencies was instrumental in communicating the solution, now in use nationwide.


  • Employed industry best practices
  • Created a user-friendly learning experience
  • Deployed across U.S Department of the Treasury

Practical public service.

As government agencies adopt mobile solutions, studies confirm increasing citizen confidence and convenience.
We’re pleased to help place “convenience” and “government” in the same sentence.

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