General Atomics: Global High Technology Innovation

From the seabed to the stratosphere, we’ve helped demonstrate the vision and viability of revolutionary strategies and products created by one of the world’s leading systems innovators.

Many missions, one point of commonality: cutting edge.

Operating across 5 continents, GA is a defense and diversified technologies company responsible for breakthrough advancements in thermonuclear fusion, electromagnetic energy and unmanned aerial systems.

Incorporating 3D modeling & animations, original videography and innovative graphic design techniques, we’ve produced dynamic, visually compelling videos that showcase both proven and futuristic products and technologies. These include demonstrating the aircraft launch system now employed in CV-78 class US aircraft carriers (EMALS), an overview of the Electromagnetic Systems Division and product videos introducing US Navy and US Army versions of proposed hypervelocity weapons systems.

A scenario-based overview of General Atomics’ Blitzer Railgun system combined 3D animated sequences and live-action to demonstrate its powerful multi-mission capabilities (against cruise, ballistic and mobile threats) to a senior US Army leadership.

The scenario, set in the future, demonstrated thought leadership that resonates with the warfighter. The quality and technical accuracy of the animated elements accurately reflected both the specifications and performance of the system, which was introduced through a storyline that immediately engaged the target audience.

GA’s Electromagnetic Launch System (EMALS) was introduced in a Loma-produced capabilities video and also featured in X-Carriers, our Discovery Networks documentary profiling the US Navy’s next-gen CVN-21 aircraft carrier program produced in association with Northrup Grumman.


  • –   Positioned a major GA division
  • –   Advanced product CONOPS
  • –   Developed branding for a high-profile product
  • –   Demonstrated multiple systems capabilities
  • –   Engaged government and commercial customers

GA’s Electromagnetic Launch System (EMALS) was introduced in a Loma-produced capabilities video presentation. EMALS was subsequently featured in X-Carriers, our Discovery Networks documentary produced in association with Northrop Grumman. The award-winning program profiles the US Navy’s next-gen aircraft carrier program.

Our ability to understand and communicate innovative technology concepts and their corresponding value has helped GA achieve continued success.