Google: Amplifying Awareness,
Expanding Imagination

We share Google’s determination to improve everyone’s online experience. By providing creative services, media production and digital communication support to multiple business units, we’ve advanced educational programs, innovative products and ambitious global initiatives.

What We've Done

  • CGI Animation
  • Events/Experiential
  • Graphic Design
  • Identity Development
  • Multilingual Content
  • Photography
  • Product Development
  • Social Media Communications
  • Video

Be(ing) Internet Awesome

Our mission spans the digital domain, and we’re also “on the ground” at major events across multiple continents. We’ve translated our work into more than 40 languages, helping Google’s “Be Internet Awesome” program teach kids the fundamentals of digital citizenship so they can explore the online world with confidence.

What makes a good story?

We’ve concepted and created strategic content in partnership with many other Google teams, ranging from internal product development through the launch of international consumer outreach campaigns and partner marketing.

What makes a good story? Ask Bobby Podesta, supervising animator of the mega-hit Cars 3.

Our video demonstrating Toontastic 3D’s intuitive gameplay was a huge hit with kids.

Lights, Camera, PLAY!

Adored by kids, parents and educators alike, Toontastic 3D is a breakthrough in storytelling. We helped introduce an award-winning convergence of youth, art and technology, where children as young as six learn by creating their own movies.

The Idea Lab

To motivate a new generation of moviemakers, we produced a video series featuring inspirational insights from leading artists and animators.

The ‘Idea Lab’ video series celebrates the power of creativity as practiced by visionary organizations including Pixar & IDEO.

Helping families create healthy digital habits.

A Loma tutorial introduced Family Link, an app that lets parents set digital ground rules remotely from their device to help guide kids as they learn, play, and explore online.

The future is young, impressionable and immediate.

With chapters in more than a dozen countries, Web Rangers is a digital literacy program that helps young people become responsible digital citizens. Our video overview of Google’s innovative Critical Thinking pilot program debuted at the Web Rangers Africa Summit.  Filmed on location, it features unique insights from experts and influencers in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.



  • Launched multiple consumer products
  • Introduced a global education initiative
  • Positioned major partnerships
  • Provided product development support
  • Produced training curriculums

Every day matters. Some days are special.

We’ve helped Google amplify their presence and enhance industry-leading thought leadership at events celebrating Safer Internet Day, Imagination Day and the MOM and DAD 2.0 Summits. Whatever the occasion, we’re proud to know that our work is always at work everywhere, every day.

“LOMA LOVE! Thank you all for being such a pleasure to work with and for your excellent work.”
– Google Product Manager


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