IARPA: Transforming Decision Support

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity invests in high-risk/high-payoff research that has the potential to provide the U.S. with a powerful intelligence advantage. We helped IARPA’s A-SpaceX Program develop a visionary concept to improve decision making.

What We've Done

  • Brand & Identity Development
  • CGI Animation
  • Communication Plan
  • Events/Experiential
  • Graphic Design
  • Print
  • Scenario Creative & Execution
  • Video
  • Product Development
  • Workshops
  • Written Communications

Our approach was informed by methods and processes we’ve successfully employed on behalf of visionary programs for DARPA, SPAWAR, ONR, the nation’s intelligence gathering community and technology industry leaders. We generated a Concept of Operations (CONOPS) plan and visualizations developed through a series of workshops that included A-SpaceX leadership and 24 performers from 12 different organizations.


In addition to the strategic narrative and visualizations, Loma produced video content and designed print/electronic materials to support the initial research phase and Program positioning. To heighten A-SpaceX awareness and interest within the intelligence community, we created conceptual content that debuted at the Incisive Analysis Conference (ICA) and served as a framework for further development.

CONOPS visualizations were integrated into a physical A-Desk prototype for briefing and demonstration purposes. By creating a futuristic “real world” scenario to demonstrate the Program’s vision, we helped unify critical aspects of the workflow, refine core concepts, and provide a platform for dynamic interaction within the Intelligence Community to speed transformation.


Storyboards/illustrations were created to clarify and augment the CONOPS work product, including key frame art of proximal/distal display activities and graphic representations of core technologies.


  • Designed brand & identity
  • Developed CONOPS product
  • Led performer workshops
  • Created scenario-based narratives
  • Supported A-desk prototype execution

Aligning insights to enable better decisions, faster.

Upon completion, A-SpaceX had an integrated CONOPS approach and prototype that provided a dynamic foundation for continued refinement of technologies and processes by the Intelligence Community and related resources.







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