The Power in Your Pocket.

When we began working with Mitek, it was a small company with a big idea. So, we created a video series that succinctly (and whimsically) introduced Mobile Deposit®, the simple, smart and oh-so-successful smartphone solution to instant check cashing.


Today, more than 1 billion financial transactions later, Mitek is optimizing the mobile user experience for more than 5,900 leading brands across the globe.

As communications partner to the global mobile capture and identity management leader, Loma provides strategic insights and comprehensive creative services to help position and profile an expanding array of enterprise solutions.

Our work has included everything from customer surveys to strategic recommendations, investor relations and presentation support to video production.

At Loma, it’s our job to help grow emerging companies and industry leaders alike. Sometimes, with the right products and partners, there’s a remarkably short distance between the two.