NSF Convergence Accelerator:
Teamwork Transforming Technology

The National Science Foundation funds work at the frontiers of science and engineering. We are introducing its revolutionary Convergence Accelerator, an exciting new venture designed to speed ‘Big Ideas’ from basic research towards impactful solutions that benefit everyone.

What We've Done

  • Analytics
  • Brand & Identity Development
  • Communication Plan
  • Cross-Platform Campaign
  • Graphic Design
  • Media Production
  • Podcasts
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Social Media Communications
  • Video
  • Website Design/Integration
  • Written Communications
National Science Fair

“It’s kind of like speed dating for technical people.”
–MOON DUCHIN, Associate Professor of mathematics at Tufts University

43 teams were selected to develop an array of pilot projects across the country, focusing on two of the NSF’s ten Big Ideas: Harnessing the Data Revolution and the Future of Work. 10 teams advance to produce deliverables for innovative public-private partnerships, the first wave of subsequent participants who will expand and deepen the Program’s scope.

Converging Research. Accelerating Results.

Following participants from initial challenges to ultimate goals, we’ve developed, executed and managed an Awareness and Engagement Initiative targeted to the American public, potential Program contributors, prospective investors and partners across industry and government.

By leveraging state-of-the-art digital best practices to cost-effectively target and reach audiences in diverse and dynamic ways, we’ve built critical awareness, engaged key audiences and established a scalable, cost-effective communications model.


  • Launched an integrated national outreach program
  • Created a scalable communications model
  • Grown awareness of mission and results
  • Increased quantity and quality of solicitation respondents
  • Engaged potential investors and partners
National Science Foundation

Program participants include IDEO, a global design and innovation leader.

Future Focused. Action Driven.

Integrating multidisciplinary research, human-centered design and team science, the NSF Convergence Accelerator is now driving innovative public-private partnerships between government, academia and industry. We’re all about speeding success.






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