“Building a startup is terrible. But it’s also fantastic.”

Mikkel Svane – CEO & Founder, Zendesk

STARTUP GRIND, powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, is a global community designed to make the startup journey less lonely, more connected and, ultimately, successful.

150 cities. 65 countries. 100k entrepreneurs.

As media partner, we help amplify and refine the unique Startup Grind brand through enhanced video storytelling and live event support. And then get it right. 23 entrepreneurs who’ve helped build businesses worth $150 billion reflect on the startup experience. Loma produces multi-camera live streaming for Startup Grind’s signature events, sending valuable insights from successful founders, innovators, educators and investors to entrepreneurs across the globe.

Here’s to luck!

“Luck is just your ability to recognize an opportunity when it’s in front of you.”
– Nathan Blecharczyk
Co-founder & CTO, Airbnb