UC San Diego has become one of the world’s leading universities by merging disciples and expanding creative thinking across boundaries. With that spirit in mind, Loma was chosen to help guide the university’s successful reclassification to NCAA Division I athletics.

Building on our 10-year relationship supporting the nation’s premiere non-scholarship program, we first performed a national study to determine feasibility. Through analysis of best practices from more than a dozen comparable institutions, the study indicated that Division I could help extend the university’s culture of excellence, align it with peer academic institutions, improve the student experience, strengthen the UC San Diego brand, increase alumni engagement and further community connection.

Our recommendations framed a historic student vote and faculty endorsement that overwhelmingly supported the move to D-I.

“Why is this so important to UC San Diego? Because Division I competition against peer institutions directly reflects our university’s commitment to uncompromising excellence across every field of endeavor.”

–Chancellor Pradeep Khosla

Integrated media was produced to position the move, underscoring the university’s continued committed to upholding its high standards of academic and athletic achievement–doing it the right way–competing, and ultimately winning, on the national stage.

UC San Diego’s acceptance of an invitation to join the Big West Conference was the culmination of this historic initiative. The conversation about UC San Diego via News and Social Media outlets increased over 1,000% the day of the announcement.

Loma is now engaged in a follow-on communications scope to position the successful initiative to the regional community, cross-campus institutions and prospective student-athletes.

UC San Diego is all about excellence, only embraces achievement at the highest level. And now, finally, that can truly be the case in its athletics program.”

Kevin Acee, San Diego Union Tribune, 11/27/17