USN: Freedom at Sea

The Bicentennial of the War of 1812 commemorated a seminal event in the nation’s history that was little understood or remembered. The United States Navy asked us to help change that.

The leadership of the Navy has decided this is an opportunity not to be missed to explain to the American people what the Navy is.”

–Michael J. Crawford, Naval History and Heritage Command

The United States Naval History & Heritage Command selected Loma to create the key component of a public outreach campaign to educate Americans about the conflict’s genesis, outcome and its lasting legacy—the ascendance of the U.S. Navy as a global force for good.

Narrated by Oscar honoree Richard Dreyfuss, Loma’s video presentation employed a “mixed media” creative design to position the Navy and deliver a succinct overview of the War and its consequences to wide audiences, with powerful emotional impact.

Featured on the Navy’s official Bicentennial website, the video also took center stage at national events, museum venues and educational platforms.


  • –   Launched a national outreach program
  • –   Engaged an A-list personality
  • –   Positioned the role of the United States Navy
  • –   Created awareness among the general public
  • –   Provided an ongoing educational asset