Vector Works: Imagine it… then model it.

A global community of more than 650,000 designers use Vectorworks software to realize their vision. We’ve helped Vectorworks achieve theirs.

What We've Done

  • Brand & Identity Development
  • CGI Animation
  • Graphic Design
  • Media Production
  • Video
  • Website Content/Integration
Vector Works
Vector Works


  • Brand revitalization
  • Introduced multiple product lines to global audience
  • Produced senior leadership communications
  • Increased sales across vertical markets
  • Engaged partners and influencers

Our role was to create an engaging brand overview targeted to an amazingly diverse audience of architects, designers, even students. Enthusiastic acceptance led to the next step – a product line overview that would seamlessly integrate an array of industry leading software tools under an inviting brand umbrella.

We like to think that the Loma team is adept at marrying compelling messages with design excellence.
We’re proud that the world’s global leader in design technology agrees.


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