Loma Helps Power CSC TechCom24

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Loma Media serves as a global media partner for DXC, the world’s leading independent, end-to-end information technology company. Loma’s Kanani Beebe, VP of Creative Services, and Erin Satterburg, VP of Client Engagement, traveled Down Under to assist legacy company CSC with “TechCom24.”  Our Amy Gomoll sat down with them to learn more about this innovative experience.

Amy:  Tell me about TechCom24.

ES: CSC wanted a cost-effective way to bring everyone in the company together to learn what’s being achieved by their peers all over the world.  CSC is as “global” as it gets. They wanted to unite the company in a new, engaging and informative way.

KB: CSC set out on 24 hour live-stream that essentially followed the sun from region to region, starting with CSC Australia’s home base where we were stationed.  This was a way for CSC to truly become “One CSC” by sharing insights and technology solutions with peers around the globe, increasing collaboration across the company.

ES:  From Australia, they tossed it to AMEA (Middle East Africa) to India to Eastern Europe to Western Europe to the US and back around to Australia.  It was an intuitive and highly visual way to update everyone as to what’s going on throughout the company and also highlighted CSC’s new Innovation Center in Sydney.

Amy:  What is the Innovation Center?

ES:  It’s a place where CSC can leverage new thinking, new ideas and new ways of using technology in order to provide visionary products and services for their amazingly diverse client base.

Amy:  What was Loma’s role in this event?

ES:  We provided technical support and direction with the live stream process, as well as marketing support.  It was a great experience helping such a large company come together as one. The feedback we received was extremely positive.

KB:  In addition to Live-Stream, our team of Technical Directors and Producers were able to assist on multiple levels, including on-location production, AV support, and assisting with on-the-spot solutions during the live show.

Amy:  You mentioned there was positive feedback.  Did CSC feel the event was successful?  Did you?

ES:  Absolutely! Real time analytics and social media stats confirmed the high level of interest and engagement.  CSC was extremely happy and is already talking about the possibility of doing another one next year.

KB: It was a remarkably practical way to get everyone in the same “room.” Now CSC’s team has more ideas, more solutions and more connections to continue their success.

ES:  There was also a Q&A at the end where questions were answered from all over the world.  It was great to see so much engaged participation.

Amy: I imagine this kind of event has value for any global organization.

ES: Definitely. In fact, it makes sense for any organization with multiple locations, across town or time zones. We performed a similar scope featuring Oprah for a university client with five satellite campuses tuning in. The live “cross country” Q&A after her presentation was a powerful interactive component.

Amy:  Have you recovered from your jet lag yet?

KB:  Just now!  It was an incredible experience, with an amazing company.  Looking forward to the next one!

ES:  Yes, and now I can’t wait to go back!