We had the pleasure of attending Design Forward last week and are energized to see San Diego coming together as a design-centric city.  There is so much talk about San Diego being the next Silicon Valley.  It was refreshing to hear we don’t want to be the next Silicon Valley…We want to be San Diego.

The definition of design is drastically different depending on who you are speaking to…. hence the idea that it cannot be defined.  This is beautiful because something with no strict definition allows for continuous growth and endless possibilities.

Design-Thinking is something we all need to pay more attention to and should not be top down. Design-Thinking should solve problems. This can be done by including customers in the conversation and touching their soul in some way. The end goal is to help make their life better.

We need to create value through design.  When companies invested in design they saw exponential growth.  In fact, design-centric organizations/companies in the US have had 228% growth.

Design is about being collaborative and really making emotional connections.  All “designers” need each other to co-exist, so why not get everyone on the same boat and save some gas?

Thank you to USCD Design Lab and all the sponsors for putting on such an amazing event. We can’t wait until next year!

Check out their website for more information on the event:

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