Excellence at Altitude:
A Day with the Leap Frogs

Every year, thousands of Americans look skyward to see The Leap Frogs in action. Now, an upcoming episode of the award-winning Navy SEALs podcast will let fans hear them, too.

As the official parachute demonstration team of the United States Navy, “The Leap Frogs” is comprised of active-duty Navy SEALs, Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen (SWCC) and support personnel.

As producer of the official podcast of the Navy SEALs, we spent a fascinating day with The Leap Frogs in Las Vegas as they prepared for another exciting performance.

The USA Sevens is the largest international amateur rugby tournament in North America, one of many events where the team showcases Naval Special Warfare excellence.  The Leap Frogs were tasked to open the competition, carrying the American flag to a mid-field landing in perfect sync with the conclusion of the National Anthem.

Every step leading up to the coordinated jump was carried out with precision, from extensive pre-planning to the penultimate “dirt dive” where the jumpers huddle on the ground to simulate aircraft exit and choreographed canopy manipulations prior to going aloft.

From 4,500 feet, the Leap Frogs then executed the jump flawlessly.

The missions of The Leap Frogs and Loma’s podcast are aligned: raise public awareness while bolstering recruiting efforts for NSW and the Navy at large.  We’re honored to support.