Get Out There!

There’s more to explore at California’s largest Fair!

From fabulous food innovations to the rockin’ rides on the midway, millions of southern Californians have made an annual trek to savor every attraction at the San Diego County Fair.

It’s a desired (and delicious) destination, a fun and memorable one at that, and as the Fair’s marketing & advertising partner, we take fun, well, seriously. The mere mention of “The San Diego County Fair” should bring a smile to everyone’s face, and we never leave that to chance.

This year’s bilingual campaign reflects the Fair’s ‘bigger and better than ever’ ethos, so we’ve deployed essentially every targeted media tactic under the sun (and stars) to spread the word and welcome the world.

The San Diego County Fair runs from June 7 through the Fourth of July. C’mon, lace up those sneakers and Get Out There!