Leading the Fight Against Ransomware

We’re helping the world’s top research and advisory company protect global business.

Working with companies in more than 100 countries, Gartner delivers actional, objective insight to executives and their teams. Featuring leading experts, a new Loma-produced video series tackles critical challenges now impacting organizations of every size across all industries.

Topic #1: “How to Prevent and Fight Ransomware Attacks.” It’s a subject of crucial interest to wide audiences, because 90% of all ransomware attacks hit companies with less than a billion dollars in revenue. Paul Furtado, a Gartner Research VP and cyber specialist, offers an eye-opening take on the problem—and ways to combat it.

Building upon our decade-plus relationship with the Cybersecurity Division of the US Department of Homeland Security, we’re proud to do our bit in the battle against the purveyors of malicious malware. Next up in the series is a fascinating perspective on Decision Intelligence, a method of making smarter, faster decisions.