Let’s Go Retro!

We’ve recreated fifty years o’ laughs to launch this year’s theme for California largest Fair.

Fresh off a record year-over-year attendance increase in ’23, the San Diego County Fair is unveiling the future through a fond look at the past. As the Fair’s longtime creative partner, we were tasked to “give our yesteryears another moment in the San Diego sun.” Channeling bell bottoms and beehives, we’ve recreated magic moments that never grow old.

This ‘concept reel’ was a huge hit in its media debut, revealing the Fair’s 2024 theme while reveling in the affectionate recreation of everything from vintage wardrobes to various film formats. The client said, “The reel looks so AWESOME.”

Our second greatest compliment was a question asked repeatedly: “Where’d you find all the old footage?” (You just have to look!)