Leveraging an Iconic Image to Protect California’s Coast

The California Coastal Commission has chosen Loma to produce a dynamic public engagement campaign that will help protect and enhance the state’s coast and ocean.

Through our partnership, we’ll encourage California drivers to purchase the iconic Whale Tail® license plate that’s become a global symbol of environmental commitment. The innovative campaign is designed to engage all Californians through integrated outreach across digital, social and traditional media channels.

Over 260,000 ‘Whale Tale’ licenses plates have been sold since 1997. Drivers can purchase this special edition plate at any DMV office or online at www.coastal.ca.gov .

Loma Media has a strong track record fulfilling important environmental missions. Our work for the EPA includes educating stormwater, wastewater and drinking water utilities to become more climate-ready and resilient. Loma principal John DeBello was instrumental in creating the EPA's national stormwater pollution prevention model employed from California to Maine and our team is currently supporting the National Science Foundation's 'Networked Blue Economy' Convergence Accelerator program.

Working closely with coastal cities and counties, the California Coastal Commission is nationally recognized for its diverse education programs, participatory clean-up efforts and critical restoration projects on behalf of present and future generations.

We’re excited to join the team!