Loma Helps USC ISI ‘Deliver the Future’

MERGE is an innovation enabler—an ‘eco-system’ of experimentation that expands game changing concepts to amazing scale.

USC’s Information Sciences Institute focuses on research and development ranging from AI/machine learning to space engineering, supported by diverse group of over 100 PhD students working side-by-side with scientists.

Present at the birth of the internet, USC’s Information Sciences Institute is the acknowledged leader in testbeds and experiments. Building upon DETER, the world’s most advanced cybersecurity testbed, ISI called upon Loma to position MERGE, a breakthrough in network experimentation.

MERGE is the ideal path to optimum power and performance across all networked systems.

Our expertise explaining innovative technologies quickly communicated ISI’s unique value proposition--the proven ability to model the real internet, absolutely critical in allowing world-class customers to understand how their systems will respond in the real world.