National City Counts on Loma for Census Response

Numbers matter, especially when affecting the future of underserved communities.

Every ten years, the US census paints the picture of an evolving nation. It’s much more than a snapshot – – an accurate counting impacts resource allocations from the federal government to every municipality in America.

It’s especially critical to National City, California, designated as a ‘hard to count’ community. Census participation is often lower in high-poverty areas with large immigrant populations, resulting in fewer federal grant dollars for programs and services.

Our mission was to boost census participation throughout the City, a task made doubly difficult by the devastating Covid-19 crisis. Plans for ambitious door-to-door personal outreach were quickly revised to meet California’s pro-active social distancing standards.

Pivoting to a ‘digital first’ strategy, we implemented an integrated plan that prioritized social media, targeted text messaging and influencer-focused outreach. Virtual Town Halls became a key component of a bilingual campaign that has demonstrated immediate and escalating results.

When our effort commenced in mid-March, the City’s response rate was just three-quarters of California’s overall rate. By mid-May, National City had met the state’s rate, and surpassed it by mid-June.

We’re proud to “help make National City count.”