A Soldier's Journey

 Every major American war fought in defense of freedom is honored with a national Memorial–except World War I.

“A Soldier’s Journey” provides a “first look” into the making of the national Memorial to be built in Washington DC’s newly-configured Pershing Park.

Told in the words of Americans whose stories frame both the war and this ‘wall of remembrance,’ the film explores the themes of the conflict as expressed in the centerpiece of that wall, a 57-foot bronze bas-relief.

“A Soldier’s Journey” commemorates the 116,516 Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice and renews our pledge: To protect our future…by remembering our past.


“A Soldier’s Journey”
12:50 TRT
Commissioned by the US World War 1 Centennial Committee ©2018
A Loma Media production
Written & Directed by John DeBello
Produced by Mackenzie Hodge
Edited by John Floros