KingsIsle: Wizard101 Broadcast Campaign

When online entertainment company KingsIsle Entertainment created the “3D virtual world” game Wizard 101, they knew their innovative product would have to fight for attention in a highly competitive marketplace.

Loma Media was chosen to support that effort by executing a national broadcast campaign from the company’s proven creative, positioning the highly immersive game to both families and “hardcore” gamers alike. We were also asked to identify and cast the ideal voice for the game’s central character, Merle, setting the perfect tone for the actual gaming experience.

Just months after launch, over one million unique users had registered to play Wizard101, a number that has swelled to more than 20 million today. The character of Merle has become iconic in a game that’s received numerous awards, including Best MMO of 2010 from Beckett Media’s Massive Online Gamer Magazine and Best Family MMO of the Decade from