PAL: The Personalized Assistant that Learns (DARPA)

Loma Media created, designed and produced strategic conops video and online content in support of PAL, a revolutionary cognitive systems DARPA Program. Our scope of work included a series of videos that explained the vision, progress and ultimate success of the Program; follow-on training videos; and the development and execution of a web-based, video-centric microsite for extended, targeted customer outreach and education.

This video compilation includes:

The PAL Vision Video (4:10) featuring professional actors incorporated with 2D graphics animation and custom composed music. Set in the near future, it demonstrates the system’s use case.

The PAL Positioning Video (2:25) explaining the core concept to Congressional and warfighter audiences.  It incorporates excerpts of the Vision Video into a fast-paced overview featuring key program proponents and participants.

The PAL Results Video (4:07).   Following the successful Brigade Combat Test, a ‘proof of concept’ video was produced using footage we shot during the actual event.

PAL has been successfully fielded by the US Army and is in operational use today. Apple’s Siri resulted from Artificial Intelligence technology developed and envisioned in the PAL Program.