Pomp and (new) Circumstances

Have you been CANCELLED? We’re not referring to the divisive “cancel culture” that’s grabbing headlines, but something all-encompassing:

Cancelling your very important, in-person event due to COVID concerns.

From ‘once in a lifetime’ Commencements to red carpet award shows, milestone events are either being postponed indefinitely or dumped completely. Sure, you can scramble to recreate these events online–but the result is too often ‘check the box’ rather than ‘celebrate success.’

It doesn’t have to be that way.

A ‘virtual victory’ begins with this simple observation: A winning digital event is not a ‘copy and paste’ of the in-person vision it’s replacing.

Success requires a different strategy, creative approach and execution. Like this one. When California’s largest non-profit university pivoted to a virtual Commencement, it asked us to envision and then execute a compelling, customized ‘Experience’ that would be both inspiring and memorable.

Our solution for National University seamlessly integrated a live-streamed ceremony with a branded event landing page that featured video content and interactive components to engage 5,700 graduates, family, friends and faculty.

The uniquely designed (and fully responsive) online event page featured animated components and dynamic attractions.

Viewers could watch the event while simultaneously sharing posts via social media and access branded ‘digital swag’ in real-time. As an added bonus, individual ‘Graduation cards’ were available through a search function highlighting each graduate, their degree, image and even a personal or inspirational quote of their choice. Students were able to share these cards through personal social channels or download to send to loved ones.

The result? Impressive and enthusiastic participation during, and after, the Graduation Ceremony. Our virtual solution didn’t simply emulate the in-person experience–it extended it, in both reach and duration. Upon the conclusion of the event, the number of visitors instantly skyrocketed with over 8,000 site visits and over 20,000 impressions–and still growing.

Our client said it best: “The Virtual Commencement was great!  Thanks for helping us get an A!” (It always feels nice to ace the test.)

The morale of our story: Don’t’ reschedule your next event, rethink it. We’re ready when you are.