Reality Shares Rings the Opening Bell at NASDAQ MarketSite

On June 26th, Loma Media and Reality Shares collaborated to takeover Nasdaq’s iconic Times Square tower.

The honor was bestowed upon innovative financial services company Reality Shares in recognition of its two NASDAQ-listed exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which focus on blockchain technology. ​ As part of the occasion, Reality Shares and Nasdaq executives took center stage at market-open for the iconic bell-ringing ceremony, to signal the official start of trading for the day.

To put into perspective what happens in a typical trading day on Wall Street, the most popular ETF trades 84 million shares as its average daily volume. With thousands of ETF and equity-based products competing for investor attention and assets under management, it is important for the issuer (e.g. Reality Shares) to cut through the clutter regarding its investment thesis – to capture market share.

The Nasdaq MarketSite Tower is a digital-media marvel to behold. describes the tower as the “largest stationary video screen in the world.” The digital video itself stood some seven stories tall and required 19 million light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to produce the video display. The sensory spectacle induced many of Time Square’s half-million daily-patrons to literally stop in their tracks to watch the Reality Shares promotional video on approximately 10,000 square feet of signage. Millions more around the world will have ultimately seen and shared post-event publicity of Reality Shares’ spectacular day on the Nasdaq MarketSite Tower, a moment neither Reality Shares nor Loma Media will soon forget.

To say this was a high-visibility multimedia display is an understatement.

Ring the bell, friends.