Loma Helps Fair Attain “Out Of This World” Attendance

For the fourth straight year, Loma Media has produced the advertising campaign for the nation’s sixth-largest Fair. And, for the fourth straight year, the San Diego County Fair set an all-time attendance record, as more than 1.5 million attendees poured through the turnstiles. Perhaps the influx of space aliens helped?

This year’s theme was “Out of This World,” and Loma’s creative focused on one car—er, spacecraft—of visitors. Combining imaginative costumes and sets with some snazzy motion graphic animation, the humorous TV campaign was augmented by an original radio jingle, plus a hit online video starring a familiar-looking “Terminator-type” who finds himself interning in the Fair’s Marketing Department. ”I have a zucchini weenie,” announces our Austrian-accented hero. And so he does.

Other Fair-goers did too–and also enjoyed more than 60,000 deep-fried Oreos, 180,000 Belly Buster Burgers, and 10,000 pounds worth of cinnamon rolls among other delectable delicacies.

“Take a listen:

San Diego County Fair 2012 Jingle