Smart Phone, Smooth Streets

Like every major city, Brussels has picturesque avenues, bustling boulevards…and its share of potholes. So, a public program named ‘Fix My Street’ was launched, allowing citizens to report road problems. The question: how to maximize use and efficiency? The answer: a powerful mobile application created by CSC, one of the world’s leading global IT services providers. Automatically tested on more than 1500 real physical devices, the ‘Fix My Street’ app has been easily integrated into leading social networks and is available through Apple and Google Market stores.


The innovative program was recently profiled as part of a Loma-produced video series designed to showcase the powerful technology-enabled solutions provided by CSC. Debuting at the company’s 2013 Technology & Business Solutions Conference, the video series celebrates the achievements of CSC technologists working in concert with a wide variety of clients and partners.

What’s next? For starters, a sequel. CSC is developing ‘Fix My Street 2,’ an enhanced version of the app with augmented reality. In fact, the client is now integrating all mobile projects into CSC’s Mobile Software Technical Center system, which reduces mobile development time by up to 65% and costs by up to 75%.