Speeding Team Science at NSF

From the playing field to the physics lab, “teamwork” is critical for success.

The science of Team Science is a new interdisciplinary field designed to improve the processes that drive collaborative research. It’s an essential component of the National Science Foundation’s Convergence Accelerator, a unique program structure that merges innovative ideas, approaches and technologies. The goal: Deliver tangible solutions that Make a Difference.

These solutions come from a rapidly expanding universe of more than 100 teams that feature an amazing array of experts. Their ability to align, engage and ultimately succeed depends on positive, dynamic interaction—the tenets of Team Science.

Our mission was to create a comprehensive video series to convey insights from The Toolbox Dialogue Initiative, a consulting and research group based at Michigan State University. Our scripts incorporated learnings from more than 500 workshops and 40+ peer reviewed publications, brought to life through extensive role-play scenarios and insightful interviews. The series is now a key part of the Program’s curriculum.

Launched in 2019, the NSF Convergence Accelerator’s model has been hailed as a breakthrough in facilitated collaboration. We’re proud to amplify our long-term partnership with a revolutionary program that promises powerful societal impacts.