The Mission Continues

We’re helping diversify and grow a leading law enforcement agency.

Loma’s 2018-2020 community-focused recruiting campaign for the San Diego Police Department earned international recognition for its innovative approach and remarkable success. Website traffic quadrupled in the first 24 hours, with the effort ultimately generating the department’s largest Academy graduating class in a quarter century. The department’s January 2021 class was the most diverse in its history, far exceeding national law enforcement averages.

Now, as competition for outstanding candidates has increased across the nation, SDPD has again called upon us to support recruiting for “America’s Safest Big City.” Our work has begun with outreach targeted to digital and social media that emphasize four key themes: Diversity (of candidates and jobs), integrity, strength, and teamwork.

High contrast cinematic lighting, ‘low to high’ camera angles, and bold typography underscore the emotional impact and clarity of the message: One Team. One Mission.

"The steady growth we've witnessed over the last few years within the force, coupled with targeted efforts that ensure our recruiting is diverse, is reflective of our desire and commitment to better connect with those we serve.''

--San Diego mayor Todd Gloria