‘Tis a Whale of a Tale

California’s most iconic license plate has turned 25, and we’re making its mission more relevant than ever.

In 1997, the California Coastal Commission introduced the now-famous Whale Tail® license plate. A quarter century later it remains a familiar sight on vehicles across California, as both a global symbol of environmental commitment and an important source of environmental fundraising.

To further both goals, Loma has created a pair of dynamic public engagement campaigns to help protect and enhance the state’s coast and oceans. One initiative is focused on 25th anniversary license plate sales, while the companion ‘Protect Our Coast and Oceans Fund’ campaign encourages taxpayer donations of any amount to clean up shorelines, restore habitats, and expand beach access.

Working closely with coastal cities and counties, the California Coastal Commission is nationally recognized for its diverse education programs, participatory clean-up efforts and critical restoration projects on behalf of present and future generations.

Deepest Thanks to all who have participated—well over a quarter-million Whale Tail® license plates have been purchased to date, and many thousand more Californians have ‘checked the box’ at tax time. Drivers can purchase this special edition plate at any DMV office or online at www.coastal.ca.gov .

It’s nice to ‘make a splash’ for all the right reasons!