You Can Take It With You

Nearly 20 million Americans enjoy the nation’s leading satellite entertainment provider, DirecTV, in their home. But what if this same customer base had the freedom to watch their recorded shows and movies anywhere? With DirecTV® nomadTM, that’s now a reality. Based on more than a decade of successful engagements, DirecTV turned to Loma Media to produce customer instruction, service training and marketing support for their innovative new device.

DirecTV nomad is the newest “placeshifting” product in the company’s “TV Anywhere” arsenal, allowing a home DVR to sync with a cell phone, laptop, or tablet to watch recorded programs anywhere without an internet connection. Targeted to both new and prospective customers, a Loma-produced instructional video now resides on the official website ( The unique functions & benefits of nomad are highlighted by showing DIRECTV customers, from the subway to the seashore, using the technology to watch their favorite DirecTV programming on their favorite devices. This approach positions nomad as the ultimate product for enjoying entertainment freedom outside the home.

Once installed and activated, customers can access up to 20 hours of programming on their favorite devices–making nomad an especially big hit among those who value “placeshifting.” Currently, the system works with PC’s, iPhones and the iPod Touch, and will soon be available for Android apps, the iPad and Mac. Judging from early results, nomad is a hit with DirecTV customers, who can now take their favorite programming wherever they roam.